Virus and Spyware Removal with Free Tuneup
$60 Hot Item

  • Removal of all malicious viruses and spyware
  • Free installation of anti-virus and anti-spyware program if none are currently installed
  • Computer tune-up to increase speed and response

Drive Reformat and Installation of Windows

$80-100 (Depending on options)
  • Reformatted computer
  • Windows & Drivers reinstalled
  • Windows is fully updated for protection
  • Also able to back up data before, and restore once the reformatting is done, extra charge may apply

BONUS! Free anti-virus/anti-spyware installed

Network Setup

Due to everyone's unique set up, please call or email for quote

Get your computer network set up professionaly with a on-site technician. Service includes:

  • Configuration of your router for use and security
  • Setup of wireless/wired networking components on all computers
  • Setup of file and print sharing between all computers

Hardware Installations

Call or email for quote

Computer components are extremely sensitive parts. Get anything from RAM to your motherboard replaced by a certified technician with years of experience. Even if you don't have the parts in hand, we can supply replacement parts so you know you're getting the correct part the first time.

Data backup/recovery


Get your important and often priceless files off your computer and put onto a permanent media. Even if you're drive is broken often times we can still get some if not all the files you need off of it.

These are the most common services that are requested, if you need anything not listed please contact us and let us know how we can help.